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Art + You = Alchemy

Art holds the potential to be an alchemical field of transformation. When an artwork vibrates parts of your essence, it helps you to  embody and anchor the unique qualities of your soul, recognize and LOVE YOURSELF FULLY.


From the Darkness, All Things Grow, (hearts and beings)Watercolour & Flashe on paper, 3 x 14 x 16 inches, 2023

When you cultivate an intentional relationship with your art and your surroundings,  you are saying 'yes' to your spirit by embracing what you value, and becoming more open to claim your and intrinsic worth. When an artwork reflects your essence back to you, it helps your spirit feel seen, felt, heard, and honored.

Surrounding yourself with art that reflects the energy frequencies of your essence positively impacts your sense of self, and increases feelings of worthiness. Surrounding yourself with art and other objects that symbolism your values is invigorating because it supports your authentic transformation.

Art + your intention = Transformational space.

As an artist, I am interested in the energy behind how we see and connect to the world. I believe art can be a transformational force, a space for us to know ourselves more deeply, and play with how we may connect to ourselves and others in new ways.  I always feel that art vibrates with it’s own energy, existing somewhere between a felt place and an entity. Abstract art probably sparked my interested in learning about energy as a thing. One of the things that I find really powerful about sensing or looking at the world as ‘energy’ - is that you have to look at what is happening, outside of any of the usual value judgments or projections we might make as humans.


These abstract watercolour and Flashe paintings [From the Darkness, all Things Grow] 

This particular collection  called <<From the darkness all things grow>> is probably the first body of work that is 100% connected to and about the spiritual, connecting my very personal journey, healing from anxiety and toxic relationships. I began these artworks during a time where I was going through alot of internal and external changes, and learning more about energy biofields, medicine, and exploring being able to sense the different layers of my own energy field. 

This collection parallels my experiences of being in “the void” and learning to trust in whatever new information is coming through from within these liminal states. It can feel really scary, empty and depressing, It can also feel like being held by a beautiful softness. Often [and this is where the VOID gets interesting] after we get used to the feeling’ - we find that this is also the state where our inner voices, intuition, authentic voice, our power, show up. And we get to connect to the essence of our beings, It’s a very powerful space or state when we use it to connect to and trust in our own inner-guidance, for creation and transformation.


They were created through a series of art rituals to focus on the heart, spirit and information - from a place of neutrality, non-judgement, and focusing my attention on connecting to the colors and shapes, Looking for where the light caught come through brightest, metaphorically planting colourful seeds, growing plants, beings and planets, small bits of overlooked remnants of objects, twigs, embryos of plants, beings and planets : RE-TRAINING myself, my system to focus on those things with curiosity about what they may be- rather than attention on the past- trauma and patterns, or even what my own ideas of what the art should look like.

Holding myself in love and curiosity, surrounding myself with symbols that resonated with my heart and spirit, created a powerful space of healing. I learned to integrate that energy into healthier life structures, and hold a greater capacity to know myself and the world around me from a greater place of love, worth and curiosity. In addition to the healing, personal and spiritual development I was doing in parallel, these processes help me to to better connect to my heart, and training me to observe through the lense of the heart and soul, to look inward with compassion, humility, and self-love.


Can I return the artwork?

Yes, All returns of artwork are accepted when shipped within 30 days of purchase, providing you follow shipping instructions to return the artwork in its original condition. 

Does artwork come with a certificate of authenticity?

Yes, all artworks come signed by the artist, with signed certificates of authenticity and instructions on how to best care for the longevity of your peice.

Do artworks come framed?

No, due to the specificity or framing, and to avoid any damage to the artworks, (glass breaking etc), as well as keep your shipping weight costs low, artworks are shipped unframed, in archival quality protective materials.

How can I see more works in a similar series?

Please click the inquire link - to book an in person or virtual studio visits with me through my contact.

How can I get notified when new works are available?

I would love to keep you in the loop: sign up here: {{LINK TO OPT IN PAGE}}

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